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Wheel of Life

We very rarely have complete balance in our lives. By using this resource we can see what areas we are not completely happy with, which parts of our life we need to focus and change to improve our overall well-being. 

Each section represents an important area 

in your life. 

Please use the following link to download your own Wheel of Life for you to complete. 

With Life Coaching I support people that need that, 'little extra push' to progress, to get organised, achieve goals and improve their personal growth in life and their career.  

With Cognitive Behaviour Therapy I show you how to look at things differently, gain a balanced perspective, and I give you the tools to help you manage or completely destroy what is holding you back from enjoying a fulfilling and happy life.   I help people manage their stress levels more effectively at work, and within their personal life, enabling them to make and maintain relationships that have a positive effect on themselves.

Your thoughts are not who you really are, but only what your thinking, and it is you, who has the power to change the way you think.